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Military and Law Enforcement Training

LIVE is a highly effective and cost-efficient way to enhance warfighter or law enforcement officer readiness training.  A human-in-the-loop (HIL) LIVE avatar provides many advantages over any artificial intelligence (AI) avatar: Resolves AI Capability Gaps Reduces Sustainment Costs Mitigates Obsolescence Risk Enables Realistic and Responsive Targets LIVE also provides distributed learning capabilities, and the ability… [Read More]


RealityCapture LIVE

Your Holodeck Into Virtual Worlds

Richland College gets Interactive with Markerless Motion Capture Lab

Richland College Markerless Mocap

Richland College recently unveiled its new markerless motion capture lab, the first of its kind in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The technology, created by Organic Motion, allows users to use the lab without the need of reflective markers at their joints like traditional motion capture labs require. The OpenStage system has 18 cameras that surround… [Read More]

Cerner Uses Markerless Motion Capture from Organic Motion to Reduce Health Care Spend

cerner motion capture

Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders are one of the top cost drivers related to any company’s healthcare expenditures. They are also associated with high costs due to absenteeism and lost productivity. The Cerner Corporation, most commonly known for being a leading strategic innovator in the area of healthcare, is leveraging Organic Motion’s markerless motion capture technology… [Read More]

Treating Patients

Our markerless motion capture technology provides quantifiable patient data immediately for application within the first visit. Our Partner, Dynamic Athletics (DARI), has created a targeted healthcare solution based on Organic Motion’s technology that is already in use in hospitals and patient facing clinical environments.

Cerner Reduces Musculoskeletal Injuries and Lost Productivity

Ubisoft Uses Markerless Motion Capture in the Making of Far Cry 4

Ubisoft Previs Markerless Mocap

Previsualisalization is becoming a standard phase for any major game production; it helps promote creative decisions earlier in the production process, which eventually translates into better cost control, a higher number of iterations and an increase in quality of the final production. Recently, Ubisoft’s Technical Director, Marc Beaudoin, presented how he used Organic Motion’s OpenStage… [Read More]

Markerless Mocap for Previs and Animation Open House to be Hosted in Los Angeles

Event_Isolated_Image (2)

Motion capture has traditionally been a tenuous process often not worth the effort. However, recent advances in markerless motion capture technology have completely transformed the way film and game professionals approach mocap. Most recently the largest user of motion capture in the game development process, Ubisoft Montréal, adopted Organic Motion’s markerless motion capture technology significantly… [Read More]

OpenStage Live Demo Recording

live demo recording

The video below is a recording of a live demo presented via GoToWebinar from our headquarters in Manhattan. Calibration - Watch how quickly the system can be calibrated and ready for live motion capture Live Motion Capture - View live as an actor enters the system and begins capturing motion capture data in real-time Real World Applications… [Read More]