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iAnimate Video Tutorial Using OpenStage for Hybrid Animation

iAnimate and Organic Motion

  Brent George, an animation instructor at Dawson College and iAnimate, recently conducted an interview with animation studio, AnimDesk. Brent is also familiar with OpenStage because he recently used it to increase animation output by 4x while working on Batman:Arkham Origins as the Animation Director at Warner Brothers Games Montreal. In the tutorial below, Brent… [Read More]

GDC NEXT Interviews Animator Brent George about his Experiences with Markerless MoCap

GDC NEXT and Organic Motion

Paul Hyman of GDC next recently interviewed Animation Director, Brent George, about his experiences utilizing OpenStage during the making of Batman:Arkham Origins. Q1: Brent, you’re a freelance animation director, correct? I understand that one of your past clients — a major game studio — was under pressure to produce a lot of high-quality animations in a… [Read More]

Vicon Vs. OpenStage – Download the ROI

OpenStage ROI Analysis

We know that it is cliched to make bold claims about a software solution that “pays for itself.” I once had a sales person tell me that the software he was selling would save me so much money, it was like he was paying me to buy it. Right. All that being said, the reality… [Read More]

castAR: Bringing Augmented Reality to the “Real” World


Sometimes a great product can’t be made at a big company: take hardware engineer Jeri Ellsworth and programmer Rich Johnson, all their work could have gone to waste when they, among others, were let go by video game publisher Valve. But instead of looking for another gig hand-holding pixelated characters, they decided to create their… [Read More]

Organic Motion Releases OpenStage 2.3 for Advanced Previsualization and Hybrid Animation

OpenStage 2.3 Release

  New York, NY – October 10, 2013 – Organic Motion, the industry leading developer of markerless motion capture systems, today announced the availability of OpenStage 2.3, making it faster and easier than ever for animators to capture and manipulate motion data.  Building on the unmatched efficiency of OpenStage 2 markerless motion capture technology, the… [Read More]

Matching OpenStage Motion and Reference Video in MotionBuilder [VIDEO]

OpenStage and MotionBuilder

With the new release of OpenStage 2.3, animators will have a whole new set of options for working with motion capture data.  The new release provides video recording and export of camera calibrations along with the motion data in FBX format, so that you can easily line up the motion with the original video reference… [Read More]

CITAND to Become Organic Motion’s First Distributor in India


Organic Motion is proud to announce the relationship with our first distributor located in India. Through an exclusive distribution agreement, CITAND will provide Organic Motion’s markerless motion capture technology to this fast-growing market. With 650 animation companies and over 80,000 animation professionals in India, there’s a need for cutting-edge animation technology and training to keep… [Read More]

Capture 3D On The Go With Structure Sensor


All the talk about 3D and mobile devices has been backwards: it’s not about being able to see 3D on a small screen, but about using that mobile device to capture the world around you in 3D. Creating 3D geometry for computer modeling effects, to scan an interior room design, or for augmented reality applications,… [Read More]

South West College Goes Markerless

South West College Leveraging Markerless Motion Capture

South West College, a school with a growing enrollment of 18,500 students, has recently deployed  OpenStage 2 as part of its new media program, known as “Image.” Image is focused on providing students with advanced skills and experience in the field of animation and game design.  Integrating motion capture into the curriculum has set their… [Read More]

Face Off With Faceware Live

Faceware Live Software Debut Video on Vimeo

People naturally make facial expressions all the time. That’s part of the human experience. But stick sensors on a person’s face so that a facial motion capture technology can be used, and you can forget about capturing realistic and well, natural looking faces. Faceware Technologies aims to remove that obstacle with their real-time Faceware Live…. [Read More]