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Richland College gets Interactive with Markerless Motion Capture Lab

Richland College Markerless Mocap

Richland College recently unveiled its new markerless motion capture lab, the first of its kind in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The technology, created by Organic Motion, allows users to use the lab without the need of reflective markers at their joints like traditional motion capture labs require. The OpenStage system has 18 cameras that surround… [Read More]

Cerner Uses Markerless Motion Capture from Organic Motion to Reduce Health Care Spend

cerner motion capture

Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders are one of the top cost drivers related to any company’s healthcare expenditures. They are also associated with high costs due to absenteeism and lost productivity. The Cerner Corporation, most commonly known for being a leading strategic innovator in the area of healthcare, is leveraging Organic Motion’s markerless motion capture technology… [Read More]

Fayetteville Technical Community College Goes Markerless

Fayetteville Technical Community College Goes Markerless

New York, New York – Organic Motion is excited to announce Fayetteville Technical Community College has selected its markerless motion capture system, OpenStage, to enhance their Simulation and Game Development Program. Teaching animation and game development requires both the knowledge and the tools necessary to equip students for today’s competitive work environment. In order to… [Read More]

Combining Markerless Mocap with Oculus Rift to Create a Truly Amazing Virtual Experience

Oclus and OpenStage

NuFormer, a multimedia company based in the Netherlands, is a fantastic partner of Organic Motion. They are currently working with our markerless mocap software, OpenStage, and have developed some very cool custom integrations. Known for their cutting-edge work in virtual reality, video mapping projection, mocap mapping, 360° projection, and interactive screen technologies – NuFormer is… [Read More]

iPi Soft and Kinect for Markerless Motion Capture?

ipi soft and kinect

We get questions about iPi Soft and Kinect all the time.  People want to know how Kinect differs from OpenStage 2, the professional markerless motion capture systems we offer, or they ask if Kinect can be used for accurate 3D tracking.  The fact is that we love Kinect for home gaming and basic gesture capture, areas… [Read More]

iAnimate Video Tutorial Using OpenStage for Hybrid Animation

iAnimate and Organic Motion

  Brent George, an animation instructor at Dawson College and iAnimate, recently conducted an interview with animation studio, AnimDesk. Brent is also familiar with OpenStage because he recently used it to increase animation output by 4x while working on Batman:Arkham Origins as the Animation Director at Warner Brothers Games Montreal. In the tutorial below, Brent… [Read More]

GDC NEXT Interviews Animator Brent George about his Experiences with Markerless MoCap

GDC NEXT and Organic Motion

Paul Hyman of GDC next recently interviewed Animation Director, Brent George, about his experiences utilizing OpenStage during the making of Batman:Arkham Origins. Q1: Brent, you’re a freelance animation director, correct? I understand that one of your past clients — a major game studio — was under pressure to produce a lot of high-quality animations in a… [Read More]

Vicon Vs. OpenStage – Download the ROI

OpenStage ROI Analysis

We know that it is cliched to make bold claims about a software solution that “pays for itself.” I once had a sales person tell me that the software he was selling would save me so much money, it was like he was paying me to buy it. Right. All that being said, the reality… [Read More]

Quick, Accurate, Repeatable — Motion Analysis Case Study

Graph of motion captured from BioStage markerless motion capture

While motion capture has been used in life sciences for some time, the restrictions posed by marker-based systems has limited its application to a small subset of the most serious cases.  The idea of using motion capture to track an athlete’s recovery from injury, which requires many repeatable sessions over the course of months, has… [Read More]

Learn How Markerless Motion Capture is Changing Animation

motion capture for animation

As we’ve worked with more animators and game developers and seen how markerless motion capture is being used, it has confirmed our expectation that markerless not only saves time and money compared to legacy marker-based systems, it also opens up entire new ways of working.  The fact that an artist — without a team of… [Read More]