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UCLA Selects Organic Motion’s Markerless Motion Capture Software, OpenStage

UCLA Goes Markerless

New York, New York — The UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (UCLA TFT) is consistently ranked as one of the top entertainment and performing arts institutions in the world and offers an innovative curriculum that integrates the study and creation of live performance, film, television and the digital arts. Most recently, the School… [Read More]

Ubisoft Montréal Selects Markerless Motion Capture System by Organic Motion – Update

Ubisoft Selects Organic Motion

New York, NY  - Organic Motion is proud to announce that Ubisoft Montréal has selected its markerless motion capture system, OpenStage 2, to reduce costs and increase animation output and quality. OpenStage 2 is the world’s only professional markerless motion capture system. Motion capture is a critical component to the pipeline of many video game… [Read More]

Fayetteville Technical Community College Goes Markerless

Fayetteville Technical Community College Goes Markerless

New York, New York – Organic Motion is excited to announce Fayetteville Technical Community College has selected its markerless motion capture system, OpenStage, to enhance their Simulation and Game Development Program. Teaching animation and game development requires both the knowledge and the tools necessary to equip students for today’s competitive work environment. In order to… [Read More]

Combining Markerless Mocap with Oculus Rift to Create a Truly Amazing Virtual Experience

Oclus and OpenStage

NuFormer, a multimedia company based in the Netherlands, is a fantastic partner of Organic Motion. They are currently working with our markerless mocap software, OpenStage, and have developed some very cool custom integrations. Known for their cutting-edge work in virtual reality, video mapping projection, mocap mapping, 360° projection, and interactive screen technologies – NuFormer is… [Read More]

Organic Motion Doubles Down on Frame Rate with Release of OpenStage 2.4 – Hosts Live Demo

OpenStage 2.4

New York, New York – June 26, 2014 – Organic Motion has taken another giant step forward in the motion capture market with their release of OpenStage 2.4. In addition to multiple usability features added to the product, OpenStage 2.4 boasts a real-time frame capture rate of 120fps; double its previous mark of 60fps. The… [Read More]

Organic Motion Partner Named Edison Award Finalist

Organic Motion Partners, Dynamic Athletics

Dynamic Athletics, Organic Motion’s partner and a leader in the application of markerless motion capture to the biomedical space, has been named a finalist for the prestigious Edison Awards.  Congratulations to the whole Dynamic Athletics team! From the press release: DYNAMIC ATHLETICS NAMED EDISON AWARDS FINALIST Dynamic Athletics Will Be Recognized at Edison Awards Gala… [Read More]

New Release: OpenStage 2.2 Now Generally Available

Motion Capture

We’ve just announced general availability of a great new release of OpenStage 2.  The new version, OpenStage 2.2, has a bunch of new features, performance enhancements, plus improvements to the SDK and more. Here’s a rundown of some of the key highlights: Better tracking of the arm due to skin segmentation Better tracking of legs… [Read More]

Organic Motion Raises New Funding, Acquires Activate3D

Organic Motion acquires Activate3D

We’ve just announced some major news here at Organic motion with the acquisition of Activate 3D and our new round of funding led by Foundry Group. The funding and Activate3D acquisition are part of a broader strategy to double down on the military training and simulation market, as well as Organic Motion’s core game development… [Read More]

Organic Motion Featured on Discovery Channel (w/ Video)


Organic Motion’s markerless motion capture technology was featured on Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet show last night, as part of their Future Tech segment.  The video came out great, and covers all of the major markets we’re in, from animation to training and simulation to life sciences.  Check out the video on Discovery Channel’s site!  (And… [Read More]

Welcome Evan Simeone , Organic Motion’s new Chief Product Officer

Evan Simeone, Organic Motion's Chief Product Officer

Organic Motion, Inc. has announced that Evan Simeone has recently joined its executive team as Chief Product Officer.  Evan is an accomplished innovator who has led product and engineering teams at numerous successful companies.  According to Andrew Tschesnok, Founder and CEO of Organic Motion, Evan was hired to help bring the company’s products to the… [Read More]