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Cerner Uses Markerless Motion Capture from Organic Motion to Reduce Health Care Spend

Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders are one of the top cost drivers related to any company’s healthcare expenditures. They are also associated with high costs due to absenteeism and lost productivity. The Cerner Corporation, most commonly known for being a leading strategic innovator in the area of healthcare, is leveraging Organic Motion’s markerless motion capture technology to substantially increase the health of their workforce and significantly lower costs.

Because Organic Motion’s technology is the only professional  motion capture system that does not require any special suits or setup time, Cerner is able to scale their Motion Health Program for their entire employee population. Rebekah Grube, a Certified Athletic Trainer for Cerner explains.

"We thought what if we could give people a real glimpse into their bodies, tell them exactly what's going on, and then address it? We're using the motion capture system to not only confirm a patient's current condition, but also to help us uncover any weaknesses, tendencies, or asymmetries that could potentially lead to an injury down the road."

In collaboration with Organic Motion’s leading partner in life sciences, DARI, the two companies are able to deliver a turn-key solution to any company interested in significantly reducing healthcare costs. In addition to proactive health care initiatives, DARI also provides an unparalleled platform for reactive patient tracking in the therapeutic environment.

“The work we are doing with Cerner is absolutely essential to the long-term strategy and growth of our market,” says Ryan Comeau, CEO of DARI. “Every limitation and compensation in a human’s body can now be objectively known and easily tracked. Cerner is the first to realize the real economic benefit of prevention by addressing individual limitations in an entire work force. The implications for the future of healthcare are massive. Together with Organic Motion, DARI is creating a new gold standard for human assessment.”

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