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Established in 2006, Organic Motion is the worlds only developer of enterprise quality markerless motion capture systems for animation, life sciences, and military training and simulation. Systems that require special suits and markers are being displaced by our advanced markerless technology that can capture natural, unencumbered motion.



Organic Motion is based in New York City, with offices in Orlando, Raleigh, and Boston.



BioStage makes accurate motion analysis easier, more repeatable and more practical than ever before. Based on Organic Motion’s revolutionary markerless motion capture technology, BioStage requires no special suits or markers, meaning that subjects can step into the system and have their motion analyzed in just a few minutes, making repeated sessions over the course of weeks or months simple and affordable. No suits and markers also means that BioStage is accessible and practical for more people. Children, the elderly or those with disabilities no longer have to struggle with the time-consuming application restrictive equipment. Additionally, BioStage markerless motion analysis system requires no setup or calibration downtime between subjects, allowing the analysis of more of patients in less time than ever before.To learn more about BioStage applications, please visit our life sciences page.


Organic Motion’s OpenStage 2 is the easiest to use, most cost-effective professional motion capture system available today. It provides animators with accurate motion capture data in less time and with less effort. Because of Organic Motion’s unique advanced computer vision technology, OpenStage 2 is the only professional system on the market that delivers accurate tracking with no markers. No markers means no setup, which means animators can get more done in less time. To learn more about OpenStage applications, please visit our animation or education pages.


Organic Motion LIVE (Live Interactive Virtual Environment) offers immersive role-play training capabilities at a fraction of the cost. The system allows live actors to drive realistic digitally animated characters remotely. It works by using advanced motion capture technology to transform the actor’s performance into a live projected character animation within a training environment. Coupled with a two-way audio and video link back to the actor, this offers rich and convincing trainee-character interaction, providing the best aspects of both live actors and virtual characters. Click here to learn more about LIVE.