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Fayetteville Technical Community College Goes Markerless

Fayetteville Technical Community College Goes MarkerlessNew York, New York – Organic Motion is excited to announce Fayetteville Technical Community College has selected its markerless motion capture system, OpenStage, to enhance their Simulation and Game Development Program.

Teaching animation and game development requires both the knowledge and the tools necessary to equip students for today’s competitive work environment. In order to give all their students the hands-on experience needed to merge motion capture and animation, Fayetteville knew right from the start that a true markerless solution was the only way to go.

“OpenStage’s markerless technology is quick and easy to use and therefore allows all our students jump in and access it”. explains Kenneth Kliener, Web Department Chair at FTCC. “OpenStage will give our students practical experience that further demonstrates our commitment to preparing our students for a globally competitive workforce.“

FTCC plans to use the system for its 3D motion capture class and its newly added animation class. Having an easy to use motion capture system on-site will allow FTCC to teach their students the full animation workflow currently employed by the biggest game development companies in the world.

“Markerless is the wave of the future.” Kenneth continues. “This is very apparent in that OpenStage is currently being used by the largest game development companies in the world, such as Ubisoft Montreal and WB Games. We want to give our students the same experience and tools that the pros are using”

More About Organic Motion
Organic Motion is the leading developer of accurate, professional, markerless motion capture systems for game development, animation, life sciences, and military training and simulation. Motion capture is changing and we are leading the way. Systems that require special suits and markers are being displaced by advanced markerless technology that can capture natural, unencumbered motion.

More About Fayetteville Technical Community College
Fayetteville Technical Community College was established in 1961 and serves over 42,000 students annually by providing over 190 occupational, technical, general education, college transfer, and continuing education programs to meet students' needs and desires as well as the community. Visit FTCC's website at www.faytechcc.edu. Like us on Facebook / Follow us on Twitter @faytechcc.

Ubisoft Selects Organic Motion

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