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Markerless Mocap for the Life Sciences
The difficult technical challenge of analyzing human movement in its natural state, without any suits or markers, has been solved. Organic Motion’s advanced motion capture technology allows computers to accurately see, understand, and quantify human motion, with significant benefits for life sciences and related fields.The limiting factor to using motion capture with more patients has been the time it takes to get legacy marker-based systems ready to use. Organic Motion’s BioStage markerless motion capture system eliminates the need for cumbersome setup, delivering accurate data while saving time and money.

Faster: For doctors, therapists and their patients, the waiting time for set up and calibration vanishes. Diagnostic movement capture is now instantaneous. For sports analysis, the combination of speed, accuracy, and no special gear to wear, allows athletes to have instant access to their exact motion in full 3D without any constraints.

Easier: For physically challenged patients, the difficulty of putting on a body suit, attaching sensors and waiting for a technician to calibrate the system is over.

Lower Cost of Ownership: By eliminating the overhead of applying markers and time-consuming system prep, Organic Motion’s BioStage allows many more patients to pass through the system in the same time, dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership.

Organic Motion BioStage and Dynamic Athletics Rehab Analysis


BioStage has the ability to capture the subject’sbio_screenshot_edited_large motion unencumbered by any physical tracking devices, and objectively quantify the subject's movement in real-time. Together with leading biomechanical analysis software and the integration of force platforms and EMG, Organic Motion offers a comprehensive research tool.


Clinical motion capture and motion analysis is regularly used for patient populations diagnosed with developmental disabilities and movement disorders such as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, autism, hyperkinesis, brain/spinal cord injuries and other neuromuscular problems. Motion capture not only assists physicians in the pre-surgical or pre-therapy decision making process but also allows therapists to better monitor the progress during post-surgery rehabilitative treatment, all of which results in improved patient outcomes. Organic Motion’s technology takes this process considerably further by not only reducing the cost of doing clinical motion capture and analysis but also making it much more accessible and flexible.

Organic Motion’s BioStage motion capture system works completely 'markerless' and is totally non-invasive and non-intrusive. BioStage eliminates lengthy setup procedures, makes it is easier for the patient and therapist to go through the evaluation protocol and leads to higher acceptance for everybody involved in the process. Free, unencumbered and a more natural movement automatically results in higher data quality.

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Organic Motion offers highly consistent, accurate and comparable data over repeated trials, across setups and across operators. BioStage takes away potential errors associated with misplacement or misalignment of markers resulting in improved accuracy of evaluations.

Typical clinical user groups that utilize motion analysis include:

  • Posture and Gait
  • Neuroscience
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Orthopedics
Sports and Performance

Athletes, coaches and trainers want to improve and monitor performance as well as to prevent and treat injuries efficiently. Our markerless mocap technology provides quantifiable and reproducible 3D data immediately.

Organic Motion and our partners, such as Dynamic Athletics (DARI) provide a full team overview with scoring for individual athletes the same day as capture. You spend your time crafting solutions for your athletes rather than trying to assess an individual. You perform less therapy, but your therapy is more effective because you can specifically target it.

  • Quantify improvement or loss of performance via motion capture and analysis of athletes
  • Quantify improvement by comparing individuals to themselves rather than a statistical norm which they may not fit
  • Predict injuries and injury location by identifying individual performance degredation over time
  • Talent Identification to find the athletes who fit your model or scheme
Cerner Reduces Musculoskeletal Injuries and Lost Productivity
Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders are one of the top cost drivers related to any company’s healthcare spend. Musculoskeletal disorders are associated with high costs to employers such as absenteeism, lost productivity, and increased health care, disability, and worker’s compensation costs.

In partnership with our partner, DARI, we have the ability to give you the tools to screen every employee to spot injuries before they become a trip to the doctor. This allows your wellness program to intervene before your employee enters the healthcare system. And with proper baseline information, your employees can return to work knowing that they have recovered because they are compared to their own, individual healthy baseline – not just some number from a book.

Treating Patients

Our markerless motion capture technology provides quantifiable patient data immediately for application within the first visit. Our Partner, Dynamic Athletics (DARI), has created a targeted healthcare solution based on Organic Motion’s technology that is already in use in hospitals and patient facing clinical environments.

Using pre and post evaluations during rehabilitation as the focus, a healthcare provider using our technology can now show a patient exactly where and how he or she has gotten better. It is literally creating a roadmap to help each patient. It allows healthcare providers to focus on specific areas of need. You spend less time assessing and surveying, and more time actively engaged with your patient.

This information is critical for advancements in techniques and approaches to healthcare that will ultimately reduce costs by eliminating wasted, while also giving you the information you need for better results.