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Live Interactive Virtual Environment

LIVE logo

Organic Motion LIVE is the only avatar-based training system that inserts a human-in-the-loop to drive real-time interactions through motion capture. Learners can now interact with digital characters in a natural way, because the characters’ body, facial expressions, and voice are driven by a human Interactor. This provides revolutionary capabilities for simulation & training in the fields of:

  • Military / Law Enforcement
  • Healthcare Scenarios / Standardized Patient
  • Autism Spectrum Distorder (ASD) Intervention
  • Human Resources / Management
  • Customer Service
Military and Law Enforcement Training

LIVE is a highly effective and cost-efficient way to enhance warfighter or law enforcement officer readiness training.  A human-in-the-loop (HIL) LIVE avatar provides many advantages over any artificial intelligence (AI) avatar:

  • Resolves AI Capability Gaps
  • Reduces Sustainment Costs
  • Mitigates Obsolescence Risk
  • Enables Realistic and Responsive Targets

LIVE also provides distributed learning capabilities, and the ability for one Interactor to control many concurrent avatars - significantly decreasing roleplayer costs.

   Download LIVE for Tactical Training Brochure     

Interpersonal Skills Training

LIVE  is ideal for a variety of scenarios like interrogations, organizational crisis management, and leadership training. The most effective way to teach or enhance these skills is through scenario-based training, where the Subject Matter Expert (SME), Trainer, or Interactor uses role-play to help Learners navigate complex, context-dependent situations. The human-in-the-loop can convincingly become any avatar, and project that avatar to interact with a trainee in any location, either locally or remotely. Facial expressions, eye movement, body language, and voice are all captured and broadcast through LIVE's avatars.

 Download LIVE for Interpersonal Skills Brochure  

Infinite Number of Scenarios


Be Anyone, Be Anywhere



Ready for Action

LIVE is a COTS product that can be configured or scaled for your specific training objectives.  The components of LIVE can include:

  • Motion Capture Booth with Interactor Heads-Up Display (HUD)
  • Ruggedized Projection Units for use in Urban Operations terrain or MOUTS
  • Headset with Voice Modulation
  • After-Action Review system (AAR) with screen recording capabilities
  • Targeting System and Training Weapons
  • Avatar and Virtual Environment Library
  • Scenario Designer
  • Animation Recorder

Contact the LIVE team to learn more: