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Markerless Mocap for Animation


Fast. Easy. Cost Effective.

Motion capture can make a critical difference in a project’s time-line, but the overhead of today’s marker-based systems makes the pipeline much more expensive than it should be. OpenStage 2 was developed specifically to address this challenge, by providing:

  • The only motion capture animation software designed specifically for animators and layout artists
  • The easiest-to-use, most cost-effective professional motion capture system available
  • Accurate motion capture character animation data
  • No need for any setup, dedicated technician, special suits, or markers

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WB Increases Animation Output by 4x

Mocap Designed for Animators

Real world animation doesn’t end with motion capture; no matter how high the quality, motion capture is just the beginning.To get the right gesture, emphasis and pose, talented animators and directors want to choose their shots, angles, and then layer on custom keyframed details in a process known as hybrid animation.

The latest features in OpenStage animation software make this easier than ever. Animators can work with reference footage from any or all of the OpenStage 2 cameras in the animation tool of their choice, such as AutoDesk Maya(TM) or AutoDesk 3D Studio MAX. Export the camera locations and orientations in an FBX format, import the reference frames as image planes and start customizing the action to suit the needs of the character and story.

Tutorial – Using OpenStage for Hybrid Animation
  • Record just the motion data or the video from all cameras as well
  • Process in real-time or reprocess videos later with a choice of multiple algorithms
  • Export all videos or a videos from a subset of cameras for use as reference in 3D animation packages
  • Export camera calibration (location and orientation in 3D space) in FBX format
  • Match up virtual cameras with reference videos as image planes to layer on custom animation

Ubisoft Montreal Chooses Markerless Motion Capture

Logo White Ubisoft
Quick and Simple Previsualization
Being able to easily previsualize low-poly versions of your characters in action can make all the difference in the early phases of production. With OpenStage 2 animation software, you can go way beyond basic animatics by providing fully animated previz scenes. As mentioned in the video to the right, because OpenStage 2 is perfect for previs because:

  • It is quick and easy so anyone can jump right in
  • You can see the motion/data in realtime
  • It allows Directors and Animators to easily select the best takes and angles
  • The previz data can be quickly cleaned and imported straight into the game

Iteration is a key factor for increasing significantly the animation quality of any game production and Open Stage 2 is the perfect previz system for us to do this very effectively; it allows us to iterate and validate animation concepts in minutes. It also optimizes the time we spent in our larger motion capture facilities, keeping the animation cost of our productions under control”, said Marc Beaudoin, Technical Director at Ubisoft Montréal. “We evaluated many different systems but chose Organic Motion’s OpenStage 2 because it was the only one that combined ease of use, professional level data quality and extremely low processing time.

buttom— Mack Beaudoin, Ubisoft

markerless mocap data

Download Free Markerless Mocap Sample Data

mocap sample data
Missing a Shot? Want to Try a New Idea Fast? No Problem.
animation software
No markers and no setup means OpenStage 2 is ready to go at a moment’s notice. No need to plan everything in advance and spend hours getting ready. Just step into the system and go. If you finish a session with a traditional marker-based system and you don’t have all the takes you need, the cost to go back and reshoot is prohibitive. With OpenStage 2 you can just hop back in and do another quick take. That not only helps avoid costly mistakes, it also opens up the session to more collaboration and experimentation to find the right moves and right performance for the character and the story.


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OpenStage 2.0 Technical Overview

Technical Specifications

  • Tracking volumes available from 14x14ft up to 20x20ft
  • Tracks 1 – 5 actors depending on camera configuration and available space
  • Bones: 21 bones – 5 to 6 degrees of freedom each
  • Tracks at 120fps real-time, with approximately 50-25ms latency
  • Designed for indoor use with provided high frequency lighting


  • OpenStage 2 Tracking Software embedded in Vision Processor
  • BackStage administration software for controlling Vision Processor remotely
  • Software Plug-in for Autodesk® MotionBuilder®

omstage_empty Edietd


  • Vision Processor with proprietary OpenStage 2 Tracking Software
  • Expansion Boxes: 1 – 2 supporting up to 8 cameras per Box
  • High Speed Color Cameras: 14 – 24 based on configuration
  • All connection cables; Firewire 800 with thumb screws; 30ft cables; active repeaters available
  • Extruded aluminum truss
  • White fabric walls
  • Rubber foam interlocking floor
  • Fluorescent high frequency stage lights
  • Mounting hardware for cameras and lights


  • Instantaneous User Calibration
  • System Calibration on-site in under 3 minutes via wand

Support Services

  • Phone and email support and all software upgrades available with standard support contracts
  • First year limited warranty on hardware