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Combining Markerless Mocap with Oculus Rift to Create a Truly Amazing Virtual Experience

NuFormer, a multimedia company based in the Netherlands, is a fantastic partner of Organic Motion. They are currently working with our markerless mocap software, OpenStage, and have developed some very cool custom integrations.

Known for their cutting-edge work in virtual reality, video mapping projection, mocap mapping, 360° projection, and interactive screen technologies – NuFormer is currently leveraging OpenStage to create virtual reality experiences that are absolutely jaw-dropping.

In the video above, NuFormer has integrated Oculus with OpenStage to create an immersive experience for the user that can be shared with a large audience using their 3d video mapping technology.

“People who are afraid of heights were not able to take a step while immersed in the environment. The simulation is incredibly lifelike because Organic Motion’s markerless mocap technology gives users a full six degrees of freedom.” explains Rob Delfgaauw, CEO of NuFormer.

Traditionally known for their advertising prowess with big name clients such as Sony, Samsung and BMW, Rob sees this technology extending into variety of different disciplines.

“We are developing applications to combine the system with VR technologies for training and education purposes, as well as for therapy for fear of heights, claustrophobia, and public speaking. This technology can be used to simulate just about anything.”

As virtual reality continues to gain momentum within both the business and consumer markets, we here at Organic Motion are very excited to have partners with such vision and technical capabilities of NuFormer.

More About Organic Motion
Organic Motion is the leading developer of accurate, professional, markerless motion capture systems for game development, animation, life sciences, and military training and simulation. Motion capture is changing and we are leading the way. Systems that require special suits and markers are being displaced by advanced markerless technology that can capture natural, unencumbered motion.

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