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Ubisoft Montréal Selects Markerless Motion Capture System by Organic Motion – Update

Ubisoft Selects Organic MotionNew York, NY  - Organic Motion is proud to announce that Ubisoft Montréal has selected its markerless motion capture system, OpenStage 2, to reduce costs and increase animation output and quality. OpenStage 2 is the world's only professional markerless motion capture system.

Motion capture is a critical component to the pipeline of many video game developers. However, the heavy costs and inaccessibility of traditional motion capture systems have frustrated animators for years. Animators have long searched for a solution that can be used earlier in the animation pipeline to help prevent inflated budgets and missed deadlines down the road.

“OpenStage was designed primarily with animators in mind. They greatly value its accessibility combined with professional-level accuracy,” explains Evan Simeone, Chief Product Officer of Organic Motion. “Animators can previsualize scenes in order to minimize their time in expensive motion capture studios. Additionally, animators that rely on keyframing rather than motion capture are also finding substantial benefits from OpenStage 2 system. It truly is mocap for animators.” 

Because OpenStage is always on and requires no special suits or markers to operate, animation teams at Ubisoft Montréal can now easily jump right into the system and immediately begin collecting accurate motion capture data for previz.

“Iteration is a key factor for increasing significantly the animation quality of any game production and Open Stage 2 is the perfect previz system for us to do this very effectively; it allows us to iterate and validate animation concepts in minutes. It also optimizes the time we spent in our larger motion capture facilities, keeping the animation cost of our productions under control”, said Marc Beaudoin, Technical Director at Ubisoft Montréal. “We evaluated many different systems but chose Organic Motion’s OpenStage 2 because it was the only one that combined ease of use, professional level data quality and extremely low processing time.” 

Once seen as a replacement to animators, motion capture is evolving into a complementary component that frees up animators to spend more time doing what they do best - bringing characters to life.

More About Organic Motion
Organic Motion is the leading developer of accurate, professional, markerless motion capture systems for game development, animation, life sciences, and military training and simulation. Motion capture is changing and we are leading the way. Systems that require special suits and markers are being displaced by advanced markerless technology that can capture natural, unencumbered motion.