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iPi Soft and Kinect for Markerless Motion Capture?

ipi soft and kinect

We get questions about iPi Soft and Kinect all the time.  People want to know how Kinect differs from OpenStage 2, the professional markerless motion capture systems we offer, or they ask if Kinect can be used for accurate 3D tracking.  The fact is that we love Kinect for home gaming and basic gesture capture, areas… [Read More]

New Kinect for Motion Capture?

Kinect for motion capture

The big news yesterday was the announcement of the new Xbox One and the new Kinect that goes along with it.  As expected it looks like it will deliver a great home gaming experience and serve as a compelling way to to interact with a new wave of games for the console.  For us, however,… [Read More]

IllumiRoom: Augmented Reality from Microsoft (w/ video)

augmented reality for video game developers

Microsoft Research is doing some interesting research with augmented reality that may be of interest to video game developers. Their recent prototype called IllumiRoom, which combines Kinect sensor technology with a projector, creates effects on the walls of the room your television is in to extend the gaming experience. Here’s how it works: the Kinect… [Read More]