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iPi Soft and Kinect for Markerless Motion Capture?

ipi soft and kinect

We get questions about iPi Soft and Kinect all the time.  People want to know how Kinect differs from OpenStage 2, the professional markerless motion capture systems we offer, or they ask if Kinect can be used for accurate 3D tracking.  The fact is that we love Kinect for home gaming and basic gesture capture, areas… [Read More]

Better Stories — and Markerless — will Help Advance Motion Capture

Guillaume de Fondaumière

There’s an interesting article by Craig Chapple over at Develop about the importance of story to the advancement of motion capture, and the role markerless motion capture has to play. Like any technology used in the creation of art — and yes, video games are art — motion capture cannot stand alone. It is a means… [Read More]

What is Motion Capture?

Motion capture with OpenStage 2

We often get asked, “What is motion capture and what is it used for?”  So we decided to do a write up on motion capture that provides some background and a general overview for the uninitiated. It starts of with a little history and then gets into the modern technologies being used today.  Check it… [Read More]

New OpenStage 2 Motion Capture Video


We recently brought in some dancers and martial artists to try out markerless motion capture with OpenStage 2.  It was a lot of fun to see these people doing their moves and the results look great.  Check ot the video after the jump… The motion capture data from the session in the video is availble… [Read More]

OpenStage 2 – Next Generation Markerless Motion Capture


Organic Motion has been working for some time on a major update to Stage, its groundbreaking markerless motion capture product. OpenStage 2, now generally available and already being used by animators, game developers, and educational institutions, marks a major step forward in motion capture technology. Equipped with new cameras and hardware, and a completely overhauled… [Read More]