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iPi Soft and Kinect for Markerless Motion Capture?

ipi soft and kinect

We get questions about iPi Soft and Kinect all the time.  People want to know how Kinect differs from OpenStage 2, the professional markerless motion capture systems we offer, or they ask if Kinect can be used for accurate 3D tracking.  The fact is that we love Kinect for home gaming and basic gesture capture, areas… [Read More]

Matching OpenStage Motion and Reference Video in MotionBuilder [VIDEO]

OpenStage and MotionBuilder

With the new release of OpenStage 2.3, animators will have a whole new set of options for working with motion capture data.  The new release provides video recording and export of camera calibrations along with the motion data in FBX format, so that you can easily line up the motion with the original video reference… [Read More]

Motion Capture Body Slam!

motion capture macho man

There’s a lot going on here at Organic Motion this week.  We announced the Beta release of OpenStage 2.3 and have started to gather the first feedback from users, all of which has been really positive so far.  We sent out our Motion Capture newsletter about the Beta as well as recaps of recent popular… [Read More]

Beta Test OpenStage 2.3 Today!

Video Playback in BackStage

Major New Release Our team has been working nonstop to build great new features and enhancements into a major new release of OpenStage 2.  This release has so much great stuff that we want to make sure we get lots of feedback from the OpenStage 2 user base, so we’re announcing a Beta program that… [Read More]

Motion Capture Gaming No Threat to Gamers

Motion Capture Video Game

There’s been a long-standing charge against visual media when it comes to violence and young people. The most recent “bad boy” has been video games, with the industry having had to suffer through diatribes from the very beginning: even the Atari 2600’s fuzzy and indistinct graphics were accused of causing aggression and violent tendencies in… [Read More]

Motion Capture in Education — NYFA Video

Motion Capture Education

When it comes to teaching motion capture and the animation pipeline, Organic Motion’s markerless motion capture system, OpenStage 2, has many advantages. Because there are no markers or special suits needed, set up time is virtually eliminated. That means there’s plenty of opportunity for every student to use the system themselves and receive a real… [Read More]

CyberGlove III Gives MoCap a Hand

Motion Capture Glove

Here at Organic Motion, we are focused on markerless motion capture, and so when it comes to detailed hand tracking, we have been following Leap Motion with great interest for a while.  However, we’re always interested in other approaches as well, and the new glove from CyberGlove Systems has caught our attention. Motion capture of the fine… [Read More]

Motion Capture Makes Real Boxing More Real

Motion capture makes Real Boxing Real

Video games as representations of reality used to fall short. That’s why fantasy role-playing and platform jumping titles did well from the very start — they didn’t have to look real. But if you want to make a great boxing game these days, there has to be more than just a good representation of the… [Read More]

Latest OpenStage 2 Motion Capture Video

openstage demo video

We’ve had a lot of requests for demos of OpenStage 2.  So many in fact, that this video overview of the system is probably long overdue. The video covers all the basics of motion capture with OpenStage 2 system.  Check it out:

Canine Motion Capture for Next Call of Duty

Canine motion capture

Perhaps the biggest videogame announcement this month, aside from the reveal of the Xbox One, is the return of Activision’s juggernaut with Call of Duty: Ghosts. One of the touted features of the game is a new dog companion, which is supposed to help the player in various ways. A German Shephard sporting a motion… [Read More]